Vecumnieki county

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Vecumnieki county is located in the Republic of Latvia, in Zemgale region – about 50-70 km from the capital city Riga. It borders with Lithuanian Birzai district and Bauska, Iecava, Baldone, Kegums, Jaunjelgava and Nereta municipalities of Latvia.

Vecumnieki municipality was formed in 2009 by merging Vecumnieki, Stelpe, Barbele, Skaistkalne, Kurmene and Valle parishes. The administrative center of the municipality is Vecumnieki village.

The overall area of the municipality is 844,4 km2:

  • 33% or 281,2 km2 Vecumnieki parish;
  • 21% or 178,8 km2  Valle parish;
  • 13% or 111,9 kmKurmene parish;
  • 13% or 106,2 kmSkaistkalne parish;
  • 12% or 97,9 km Barbele parish;
  • 8% or 68,4 km Stelpe parish.

Vecumnieki county is rich in land resources, having gypsum, peat, forests, as well as farmland resources. Majority of county land is covered by forests (452 km2 - 53%) and farmland (294 km2 – 35%). Swamps cover a petty area of 18,4 km2 or 2%, same as shrubland (15 km2 – 2%), land under waters (18,4 km2 – 2%), built-up area (25 km2 – 3%) and other lands (24 km2 – 3%).

The main roads, that go through the county are P89 (Kekava – Skaistkalne), P73 (Vecumnieki – Nereta – Subate) and P87 (Bauska-Aizkraukle). The county is also crossed by a railway line of strategic importance, which is for cargo carriage from countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States to the port city of Ventspils (Latvia).


The coat of arms of Vecumnieki county (author: Ilze Libiete) depicts three golden lily flowers between three silver leaves in a pall (Y-shaped) form on a crimson red background. Vecumnieki are well known for their lily breeders, one of the most famous being Janis Vasarietis – also a recipient of Order of the Three Stars, the highest order of the Republic of Latvia. Every year, since 2006 Vecumnieki county also hosts a nation-wide Lily festival.

Getting there and around

Vecumnieki (municipality centre) is in less than 1 hr drive or 45 km from Riga, 30 km from Bauska, 26 km from Skaistkalne (border with Lithuania).

The most visitors use the private car for touring around the municipality, but there are also good public transport connections to Vecumnieki from Riga international bus station, Bauska, Iecava, Skaistkalne.

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