The economy of Vecumnieki county is characterized by the historical experience of companies and labour in agriculture, forestry, peat industry and other areas. The geographic position is characterized by the location of the municipality area on the left side of Daugava river with easy access to Riga, as well as historical links with Lithuania.

Local food producers, craftsmasters and artisans


"Brukna garlic" (Latvian: "Bruknas ķiploks")

Garlic chips, other garlic products

Contact information: Monika Balcere - T. +371 2681 9331, E-mail:

Factory: Klīvi, Vecumnieku pag., Vecumnieku nov., LV-3933


simply food


Organic food products

Contact information: T. +371 26487568, E-mail: 

Factory: “Dabīgas pārtikas ražotājs”, Vecumnieku nov.,Stelpes pag., Beitiņi, LV-3925


Dzimtais darzs 1

SIA "Dzimtais dārzs"

Tea, pine cone syrup, other nature products

Contact information: Ilze Zandberga, Kaspars Zandbergs - T. +371 22117770, E-mail: 

Factory: Baložu iela 9, Vecumnieku pag., Vecumnieku nov., LV-3933.


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Agricultural cooperative “Gravas”

Vegetables, cheese, meat production

Contact information: Nora Zimka - T. +371 25909052 

Factory: "Gravas", Vecumnieku nov., Valles pag., LV-5106


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Bauskas novada pašvaldības iestādeBauskas novada pašvaldības iestāde «Vecumnieku apvienības pārvalde»

«Vecumnieku apvienības pārvalde»

Tālrunis: 63976100, e-pasts:
Adrese: Rīgas iela 29, Vecumnieki, Vecumnieku pagasts, Vecumnieku novads, LV-3933