Amtmani brothers museum in Valle

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"Zvanītāju Bukas", Valle, Valles pag., Vecumnieku nov., LV-5106

+371 26608478


Amtmani Brothers Museum – the family homeplace and a house of actors and theatre producers brothers Alfreds Amtmanis-Brieditis and Teodors Amtmanis with an exposition on the contribution of the Amtmani family to the history of Latvian theatre and the local cultural traditions. Museum organizes meetings with Latvian actors and other cultural events. 

Vecumnieki Parish museum

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Bauskas iela 4, Vecumnieki, Vecumnieku nov., LV-3933

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The museum of Vecumnieki Parish was opened on 11th November 1997 and is located in the Red school (Sarkanā skola) in Vecumnieki , in the living room of former school manager Andrejs Spekke. School history dates back to it’ s building years 1887-1889. Here you can see exposition of scientist, historian, diplomat Andrejs Spekke, parish history, the Red School.

Skaistkalne Parish museum “Novadnieki

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Skolas 1, Skaistkalne, Vecumnieku nov., LV-3924

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Skaistkalne Parish Museum “Novadnieki” was established to honour the memory of the local history researcher Peteris Lukasevics. It exhibits the artefacts and documents on the history of Skaistkalne district gathered by him.

Skaistkalne manor house

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Skaistkalne, Skolas iela 5

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The manor house was built of red clay bricks in 1901 in a historicism style. Inside of the manor house a luxurious Neo-Renaissance fireplace and ceiling paintings were restored. Ceiling paintings have also been preserved in the former dining room. The building now houses a school.

Ancient collection "Sendienas"


"Mačēni", Skaistkalnes pag., Vecumnieku nov., LV-3915

+371 29122662


Farm "Mačēni" offers to become acquainted with collections of pen, old tools, household things and vehicles in a privately owned museum "Sendienas". Organic farm on the site, tastings possible.

Barbele Parish museum

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Bārbeles skolas ēka, Bārbeles pag.

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Barbele Parish museum depicts local history materials, the parish school archive, ancient household items, and wartime finds. The history of the parish is summarized in pictures in a brochure from the 12th century to the present day.

Skaistkalne Roman Catholic church and Sepulchre

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Slimnīcas iela 2, Skaistkalne, Vecumnieku nov., LV-3924

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Skaistkalne Catholic Church and Sepulchre. The church was built in 1692 by the Jesuit Order and set up in a Baroque luxury Latvia had not experienced before. The church has retained an excellent collection of art objects and the splendid historic interior, which was mainly created during the time the church was built. It is the most important Catholic centre in Semigallia and the second most popular pilgrimage destination in Latvia after Aglona. The pride of the church is the altar piece, miracle-worker from the mid 18th century “Annunciation of St.Mary” in the side altar. Since 2001 the church serves as a home to Paulinian Brotherhood. Monks lead guided tours in the church, tell about its history and the priest's costume. You can also take a look into the tomb of the nobles and clergymen in the basement of the church. Next to the church lies the former, currently non-renovated monastery building, the building which was started at the same time as that the church, but finished only in the 19thcentury.

Vecumnieki Evangelical Lutheran church


Bauskas iela 6, Vecumnieki, Vecumnieku pagasts, Vecumnieku novads.

+371 26727483

The foundation stone of the present Vecumnieki Evangelical Lutheran church was laid in 1845. During World War I, the Vecumnieki Church was destroyed and rebuilt again in 1923 with preserved interior. Church is open during services.

Barbele Evangelical Lutheran church

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The church was built in 1789, rebuilt in 1882, giving neo-Gothic forms to both the building and the church interior. Around the church there is a cemetery with several tombstones characteristic for 19th-century.

Valle Evangelical Lutheran church

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Valle, Valles pagasts, Vecumnieku novads.

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Valle church is the oldest Lutheran church in Vecumnieki municipality and has been granted the status of a local historic cultural monument. A new church in stone was built in Valle during 1781-1785 at the expense of Peter, who was the last Duke of Courland and Semigallian.

There is an exhibition on the history of the Valle church open for visitors.

Kurmene Catholic church and manor park

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The church was built in 1870 and is decorated by a sculpture of St.Peter. The manor park is arranged as a landscape park with individual elements of regular planning - ponds and 19th century artificial castle ruins with an open-air stage.

In expectance of 150th anniversary celebration, the church is undergoing major renovations and Kurmene name is being spoken in connection with beautiful charity concerts.

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