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pdfVecumnieki county boat rental options


krasti KRASTI – pier where Nemunelis meets Vecumnieki-Nereta road.


muru dzirnavas
MURU MILL (MŪRU DZIRNAVAS) - the native home of Latvian poet Knuts Skujenieks' grandparents. The poet has lived here from the age of a year till adulthood. The name of the site, which means Mūru Mill, is associated with Knuts Skujenieks' grandfather, who was a miller here. Poet’s grandmother received all the Kurmene newborn babies since she worked as a midwife.
The site has established a tradition to hold poetry days with the poet’s participation on the first Saturday of September. In year 2018 - the centenary of Latvia – Skujenieki oaks were planted here, near which a memorial stone is laid.
It is possible to dock on the coast, to visit the small museum/collection (entrance with donations). WC is available.




salinasSALIŅAS - boat dock with tent sites on the banks of Nemunelis. Steam bathhouse for relax, sports grounds, children's playgrounds, canoe rental. Overnight accommodation up to 20 persons on bathhouse loft.








saknesSAKNES – recreation site on Nemunelis banks with three-seat canoe rental, boating equipment, tent and campfire site, paintball, sports ground, children's playground, organizing sports events, wooden shelter for events (5 x 8 m), 20 l on-fire soup cooking pot. Kids celebrations and parties are welcomed.







MADĀMENE – Kurmene Catholic church and manor complex.madamene

pdfDetailed information about Kurmene manor and Kurmene Catholic church






lutausi copyLUTAUŠI - Wonderful relaxation on the banks of the river Mēmele – two or three seat canoe rental; wooden shelter for having meals, gathering and celebrating events; overnight cabins; tent sites, picnic areas, campfire sites, open air stage; fishing; sports ground - volleyball, football, streetball, floorball.







nemunelius radviliskisNEMUNELIO RADVILISKIS - confluence of rivers, where Nemunėlis and Apaščia rivers meet – a picturesque place in the rivervalley. From the river side there is a staircase leading to the center of the town.

pdfDetailed information about Nemunelio Radviliskis town






jaunverdiniJAUNVĒRDIŅI - place where the river comes closest to the road before Skaistkalne town. The landlord, having a previously agreed visit by the phone, will kindly show his collection of various items collected over the years in the Museum house.







velnalaVELNALA CAVE (Velniapilio ola - The devil's cave outcrop) It is located almost in the middle between Nemunėlio Radvliškis and Germaniškis towns. It is a dolomite outcrop, rising about 3 meters above the Nemunėlis River. The cave is estimated to be 5 meters high and 8 meters long. It is easy to see it from the river and reach it on land. The cave is “embraced” by the greenery around it. There are stairs to climb to a special walkway patch. There are benches, trash bins, in the parking lot, at the end of the walk patch there is a wooden devil statue.







kritenesKRITENES – the Skaistkalne Sinkholes
The Skaistkalne Sinkholes are funnelled cave-ins of the upper layers of the earth. They form in places, where underground waters erode rocks and leave holes. People have given carst caves their own names – Hay bed, Goat bed, Death bed and other, since there are many stories about horses, goats or apple trees suddenly swallowed by the ground. As to why the Skaistkalne Sinkholes have formed in the vicinity of Skaistkalne, this may be explained by the considerable underground gypsum formations and the area surrounded by two flatland rivers – Mēmele and Iecava.
The invisible part of the karst process can be explored in a specially created stand in the local history museum "Novadnieki" , situated in the parish administration building.






pie gobasPIE GOBAS - resting place near the center of Skaistkalne at the giant elm-tree missing only a few centimeters to own the title of Heritage Elm. Resting place is one of the most romantic places in the vicinity of Skaistkalne to meet the significant others and the friends.
Here is a camping site, a place for tents, a WC, a shed, a fireplace and possibility to play basketball when agreed with the hosts in advance.







skolaSKOLA - center of Skaistkalne with a variety of attractions, nearby is also a shop, cafe and restrooms.

pdfDetailed information about Skaistkalne town







cerinu ielaCERIŅU IELA - center of Skaistkalne with a variety of attractions, nearby is also a shop, cafe and restrooms.








anes memeles parksĀNES MĒMELES PARK - abundant with shady and mysterious places is the picturesque park of Āne – Mēmele, whose mighty trees and ferns care for the legends of the manor. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of people, the park offers the opportunity to enjoy the close proximity to nature and the forest. Attentive visitors would spot more than twenty stork nests! Here you can see rare trees, such as major maples and unusual pines. As the river Nemunelis flows by, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant change of seasons along the Lithuanian border.

Maps and routes

Tversana Vecumnieku novada tūrisma pakalpojumu un piedāvājuma buklets "Vecumnieku novada labsajūtas"

 Travel guide of the tourism products and services " Feel well in Vecumnieki municipality"








Reģionālā laikraksta "Bauskas Dzīve" žurnālistes Žannas Zālītes apraksts par Zvirgzdes kāpu un tās apkaimi lasāms pdfŠEIT

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Kājāmgājēju un riteņbraucēju tūrisma maršruts “Atklāj Vecumniekus pastaigā”






 Baldones un Vecumnieku novadu piedāvājums atpūtai dabābaldoenvec





blakus copypdfBUKLETS

pdf“Pierobežas kultūrvēsturiskā baudījuma maršruts Teju BlaKuS”

 (B=Brukna un Bārbele, Ku=Kurmene, S=Skaistkalne)



IMG 0578   Iepazīsti Vecumnieku novadu!

     pdf"Iepazīsti Valles pusi" tūrisma maršruts




20190826 150558 copy

 Iepazīsti Vecumnieku novadu! 

pdf"Iepazīsti Kurmenes pusi" tūrisma maršruts

"Riga sights" atsauksme vietnē Facebook par ekskursiju Vecumnieku pusē (Kurmene un Skaistkalne): TE.


Stelpes pamatskola 01


 Iepazīsti Vecumnieku novadu! 

pdf"Iepazīsti Stelpes pusi" tūrisma maršruts



skaistkalnes baznica


 Iepazīsti Vecumnieku novadu! 

pdf"Iepazīsti Skaistkalnes pusi" tūrisma maršruts





 Iepazīsti Vecumnieku novadu! 

pdf"Iepazīsti Bārbeles pusi" tūrisma maršruts



Barbele Zanna

Bārbeles sēravots un tā apkaimes apskates objekti

Reģionālā laikraksta "Bauskas Dzīve" žurnālistes Žannas Zālītes apraksts par pastaigu uz Bārbeles sēravotu un tā apkaimē apskatāmajiem objektiem lasāms pdfŠEIT.

 pdfVēsturisks materiāls par Bārbeles sēravotu


Vecumn vecais ez pludmale

 Iepazīsti Vecumnieku novadu! 

pdf"Iepazīsti Vecumnieku pusi" tūrisma maršruts






 pdf“Labsajūtas Vecumniekos” - pilnas dienas brauciens grupām un interesentiem.

  Atsauksmes par maršrutu meklē TE.



Bauskas, Iecavas, Rundāles un Vecumnieku novada tūrisma karte

Bauskas, Iecavas, Rundāles un Vecumnieku novada tūrisma karte

latviešu, angļu, krievu valodā 2015.g.janvāris

lietuviešu, vācu, poļu valodā 2014.g.decembris

igauņu, somu, franču valodā 2014.g.decembris 

Skaistkalnes brošūraSkaistkalnes brošūra

latviešu valodā (2012. gada janvāris)




Kāzas "Bauskas, Iecavas, Rundāles un Vecumnieku novadā Kāzas "Bauskas, Iecavas, Rundāles un Vecumnieku novadā"

latviešu valodā





Brīvdienas ģimenei ar bērniem Bauskas, Iecava, Rundāles un Vecumnieku novadāBrīvdienas ģimenei ar bērniem Bauskas, Iecava, Rundāles un Vecumnieku novadā

latviešu valodā (2016. gada jūnijs)

angļu valodā

krievu valodā


14335 s3 910x500 ieskats zemgales saimniecu marsruta copy

Zemgales saimnieces aicina ciemos! Ceļo un nobaudi!

   latviešu valodāangļu valodā

krievu valodālietuviešu valodā 


  Zemgales saimnieki aicina ciemos! Ceļo un nobaudi!5352

  latviešu valodā

  angļu valodā

  krievu valodā

  lietuviešu valodā



20190211 BaltuCelsVaks

 Krāšņā ceļvedī un kartē - par tūrisma maršrutu "Baltu ceļš"

  latviešu valodā brošūra

  latviešu valodā karte

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